The subject of philosophy of religion was integrated to the curriculum of divinity schools and faculties of arts and sciences approximately since the 1970’s in Turkey. Since then they have offered courses related to philosophy of religion and some of them have academic sections devoted to philosophy of religion. However, it is difficult to concur to the notion that studies on and debates concerning philosophy of religion are well-established aspects of academic institutions. This relatively weak condition of the studies on the philosophy of religion in Turkish universities may become easily visible if one compares the depth and scope of the studies in this field.   
Topics that may fall under philosophy of religion have a popular dimension as well as an academic one. In the contemporary world, discussions on philosophy of religion, such as religious diversity and interpretation of the astro-physical data concerning the beginning of the physical aspect of the universe either immediately occupies the mind of people or at least they are unable to escape generally reading or hearing about them. Nevertheless, it is difficult to say that the wider public has properly appreciated such discussion related to philosophy of religion.
The Society for Philosophy of Religion was established in May 2007 by a group of students as a civil initiative in order to respond to the poor conditions of the study of philosophy of religion in Turkey, and the possible contribution of considering religious beliefs from a philosophical perspective. Therefore, the Society for Philosophy of Religion was formed to contribute to the advancement of studies in this field, to make it more effective and to not only make it respectable and well thought of within the faculties of theology but also in the wider academic environment. The intention behind it is to produce  an effective way of understanding and discussing religious beliefs ranging from popular debates to strictly academic research.  
The objective of the Society is to contribute to the advancement of understanding religious beliefs from a philosophical perspective by various ways such as initiating academic as well as popular studies and research, or supporting relevant studies. Such relevant studies may include providing means to publish relevant works and the publishing of results of research carried out either strictly within the discipline of philosophy of religion or works that relates to philosophy of religion as well as various disciplines of religious studies. It aims to facilitate collaboration among scholars interested in philosophy of religion and to help them reach relevant sources needed for academic research. Moreover, it will endeavor to organize various academic activities such as meetings, conferences, symposiums and workshops at the national or international level.
With a view at the broader perspective, the Society for Philosophy of Religion intends to organize activities that may be of interest not only to scholars studying philosophy of religion but also to scholars affiliated with neighboring disciplines such as history of religions, psychology of religion, and sociology of religion. It is envisioned that the Society for Philosophy of Religion will make an environment where scholars, who might be formally affiliated or not with a relevant academic department, may participate in these activities by making their contributions and engage in academic collaboration and interaction. 
We believe that in order to realize these academic-professional objectives and to support the enhancement of the philosophy of religion at the academic as well as at the popular-cultural level, the effort of people who serve in this enterprise shall be voluntarily. We hope that you may also have something to contribute to the organization of activities and to support the work of those who are professionally engaged in the field of philosophy of religion. Thus, we look forward to the possibility that you may collaborate with the Society for the Philosophy of Religion in this enterprise. 

The Society for the Philosophy of Religion