Allahsız Ahlak Mümkün mü?

    Bu seminerimizde önce Dr. Enis Doko "Allah'sız Ahlak Mümkün mü?" başlıklı kitabının tanıtımını, ardından Dr. Hümeyra Özturan ve Dr. Yasin Ramazan Başaran değerlendirmesini yapacak. Ilgilileri bekleriz.





    Contemporary Philosophical Theories of Mind 13-15 September 2019

    In this year's workshop, we aim to discuss the philosophical consciousness theories that are becoming widespread and deepening. As it is known, the question of "is there a spirit independent from the body" that we are familiar with the classical era is no longer asked as a metaphysical problem or in the context of discussions about metaphysics but as "what is to be a conscious living" in naturalism. The workshop will seek answers to the following questions: What are the main claims of the theories addressed? What are the reasons for these claims? Are the theories consistent and / or valid? What are the strengths and weaknesses of theories? What are the main criticisms of the theories? Is there a subject that theories cannot explain about consciousness? What are the main criticisms that can be directed to theories in this context? What are the religious and moral consequences of these theories?

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